Gothic Art in Decin


Decin museum main building

Recently reopened, Decin’s unique permanent exhibit of Gothic art presents 23 Medieval and early Renaissance works.

The Gothic art in Děčín exhibit presents valuable Gothic-era pieces from this region. The collection is part of the museum’s permanent collection and includes 23 medieval sculptures, mostly of wood, from the early fourteenth century to the early Renaissance in the sixteenth century.

Aside from unique sculptural works, there are also interesting archeological finds from digs in the area. Of these, one of the most fascinating may be the Šluknov treasure, a cache of three score Bohemian and Miessen groschen and a unique silver brooch with Bohemian lions in relief.

Also on display are an early sixteenth-century Gothic monstrance and a stone sculpture of the Madonna, the only one of its kind, which was installed for years at the Hotel Praha on Děčín’s main square.